Wrath of Man – VFX Breakdown


Action / 2021

Great Britain

Producer: Ivan Atkinson, Andrew Golov
Director: Guy Ritchie
DoP: Alan Stewart
Editor: James Herbert


The plot follows H, a cold and mysterious character working at a cash truck company responsible for moving hundreds of millions of dollars around Los Angeles each week.

VFX Breakdown editor: Simon Hajek
VFX Breakdown music: KINERO

Magiclab Showreel 2020


Editor: Šimon Hájek
Sound Editor: Richard Muller – RICHSOUND
Music: Moimir Papalescu & The Nihilists – Summer Deviation
(c) 2003 X Production, Manipulation Records

A Discovery of Witches – Breakdown


Drama / Fantasy / Romance / 8x45min / 2018 / UK

Producer: Dominic Barlow
Production: Bad Wolf
Director: Alice Troughton, Sarah Walker, Juan Carlos Medina
DoP: Petra Korner, Christophe Nuyens, Suzie Lavelle
Editor: Philip Kloss, Nick Arthurs

Distributor: Sky


Diana Bishop, historian, and witch, accesses Ashmole 782 and knows she must solve its mysteries. She is offered help by the enigmatic Matthew Clairmont, but he’s a vampire and witches should never trust vampires.

  • National Television AwardsNew DramaNominated

Trilogy Garden Store – VFX Breakdown


Drama / Comedy / 3x115min / 2017

Czech Republic / Slovakia / Poland

Producer: Viktor Tauš
Production: Fog’n’Desire Films
Co-producers: Czech television
Director: Jan Hřebejk
DoP: Bartek Cierlica
Editor: Vladimír Barák

Data Management / VFX / DCP

A historical chronicle covering the 1940’s, 1950’s and 1960’s, tells the story of a Czech family whose members are trying to recover the consequences of WWII and at the same time face the dramatic changes in society after 1948.

Magiclab VFX Showreel


Editor: Šimon Hájek

Some start they business in garages, some in basements. We can see the progress since our humble beginnings in 2009 when we got the chance to lead the VFX for Julius Ševčík’s ambitious feature Normal until this year, when we again worked with director Ševčík, now for an internationally co-produced Masaryk that premiered at the Berlinale Film Festival. We like all the genres, from heart-warming family comedies, epic period films to thrilling crime dramas, we love it all!

Magiclab Showreel 2017


Editor: Šimon Hájek

Every year our team grows as the number of projects increases. Commercials, short and feature films, music videos and much more, all of it requires a special care that we loving giving in MagicLab. Take a look at our newest showreel, that includes films that were screened in festival competitions such as Rotterdam, Cannes, Berlinale or Karlovy Vary.

Masaryk – VFX Breakdown


Drama / Biopic / 106 min / 2017

Producer: Rudolf Biermann
Production: In Film
Co-producers: Czech television, RTVS, ZDF, Arte
Director: Julius Ševčík
DoP: Martin Štrba
Editor: Marek Opatrný

Data Management / VFX / Color Grading / DCP

Set in 1939, Jan Masaryk escapes to America to forget his personal and political betrayal. Being the flamboyant son of the first president of Czechoslovakia Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, he struggles to live a normal life as he works as the Czechoslovak ambassador in London just before the outbreak of the second world war.

  • Berlinale IFFBerlinale Special
  • Czech Lion AwardsBest Picture

The Red Captain – VFX Breakdown


Thriller / Action / 2016

Producer: Viktor Tauš, Agnieszka Kurzydlo
Production: Fog’n’desire films, SOKOL KOLLAR, MD4
Co-producers: Czech television, S PRO ALFA, RTVS, Barrandov studios
Director: Michal Kollár
DoP: Kacper Fertacz
Editor: Lucie Haladová

Data Management / VFX / Color Grading / DCP

1992. Three years after the fall of the Berlin wall; six months before the split of Czecho-Slovakia. Homicide detective Richard Krauz, 32 years old, is desperate to distinguish himself from the police of the previous regime. One notable notch in his belt is the capture of serial killer Ondrej “The Beast”. During grounds-keeping at an old cemetery, a corpse with a nail driven through its skull is disinterred.

  • Tallinn Black NightsFirst Feature Film Competition

Normal – Breakdown


Drama / Thriller / 100 min / 2009

Production: Axman Production
Producer: Karla Stojáková
Director: Julius Ševčík
DoP: Antonio Riestra
Editor: Marek Opatrný


Dreaded serial killer Peter Kurten voluntarily turns himself over to the authorities. A young lawyer, eager to prove Kurten’s mental derangement, agrees to defend a man who terrorized Germany between 1929 and 1931. In studying the case and meeting with the intelligent, cold-blooded manipulator, the young idealist’s values become warped.

  • Czech Lion Awards2010
  • Shanghai IFFBest Director Award
  • Moscow IFFOfficial Selection

To the Woods – Breakdown


Comedy / 110 min / 2012

Production: Vorelfilm
Producer: Tomáš Vorel
Director: Tomáš Vorel
DoP: Tomáš Vorel
Editor: Šimon Hájek

Data Management / VFX / Color Grading / DCP

To The Woods is the sequel to Tomas Vorel’s successful film Out of the City, released in 2000. It is a celebration of woods, water and hillsides, and of the animals that still live there. Pays tribute to Czech woodsmen and farmers who bravely face the natural elements and urban encroachment. It is full of flowers, animals and Czech movie stars.

  • Czech Lion Awards2012

Zaletchiki – Breakdown


Comedy / 95 min / 2012

Production: Ankor-film
Director: Kirill Kuzin
DoP: Ulugbeck Khamraev

VFX / Motion Design

Crazy Russian comedy about how two hapless heroes, one of whom wanted to become a pilot, and another actor accidentally get a chance to fulfill two dreams at once on the set of the new film. However, in the first scene they manage to beat the helicopter sponsor that promises them a lot of problems. To indemnify shortstop forced plunge into the grave – to try to rob a tycoon earn kind and even try to steal a helicopter to the U.S. air base.

Lidice – Breakdown


Drama / History / War / 126 min / 2011

Producer: Adam Dvořák
Production: Movie
Director: Petr Nikolaev
DoP: Antonio Riestra
Editor: Adam Dvořák


With the Nazi takeover of Europe underway, the deputy Reichsprotektor Reinhard Heydrich arrives in Prague and his underlings begin enforcing his authority in the towns and villages across the occupied country. Heydrich is assassinated and a letter is found describing supposed heroism comes to their attention. It leads to the total destruction of Lidice and the mass execution and deportations of its citizens…

  • Czech Lion Awards2012
  • Phoenix Film FestivalAudience Award
  • Seville European Film FestivalEFA Selection Award