Do našeho IT týmu aktuálně hledáme zkušeného Linux Administrátora, který dokáže vyřešit rutinní výzvy i nový projekt od začátku do konce. Požadujeme znalost linuxových serverů, zkušenosti s konfigurací diskových polí, znalost implementace monitoringu a schopnost práce v týmu.

We are looking for experienced Lighting and Lookdev TDs to work full time within our Prague based VFX & post-production studio. The ideal candidate has 3+ years of experience working in feature films, TV shows or commercials, a great artistic and visual sense of composition, light, and colour and is eligible to work in the EU.

For a full time and long term cooperation, we are looking for a talented FX Artist. The ideal candidate has excellent knowledge of Houdini, 3+ years of experience in live-action visual effects for feature films or high-level television, strong experience in creating a wide variety of simulations (destruction, atmospheric, fluid, supernatural, etc.) and is eligible to work in the EU.

For a full-time 2D senior compositor, we are looking for a high-level technical skill professional with strong artistic awareness and previous experience on live-action features films or series. He/she has to have a solid understanding of 2D and 3D pipelines and prove the ability to integrate all elements of shot and will take into account artistic requirements. He/she also has to be eligible to work in the EU.

For a full-time VFX Coordinator, we are looking for a highly organized, responsible, and goal-oriented type of person with strong management skills and the ability to coordinate multiple projects effectively. In this job, he/she will use English on a daily basis and has to combine scheduling skills with great communication skills.

For a full-time Production manager, we are looking for a problem-solving professional with good organizational and communication skills. He/she will be in charge of organizing and managing the production and will keep an eye on holding on schedule, budget and also have to make sure to satisfy clients’ requirements.

For a full-time VFX Supervisor, we are looking for a pro-active, responsible and communication type of person with an excellent understanding of techniques and technologies related to CG rendering and compositing. In this job, he/she has to combine technical skills with strong artistic awareness and be capable of supervising VFX requirements on-set.