For a full-time 2D mid/senior compositor, we are looking for a high-level technical skill professional with strong artistic awareness and previous experience on live-action features films or series. He/she has to have a solid understanding of 2D and 3D pipelines and prove the ability to integrate all elements of shot and will take into account artistic requirements. He/she also has to be eligible to work in the EU.

For a full-time VFX Supervisor, we are looking for a pro-active, responsible and communication type of person with an excellent understanding of techniques and technologies related to CG rendering and compositing. In this job, he/she has to combine technical skills with strong artistic awareness and be capable of supervising VFX requirements on-set.

Do našeho rostoucího IT oddělení přijmeme profesionály na pozici IT administrátora a dále na pozici IT podpory. Požadujeme předchozí zkušenosti z oboru, základní znalosti skriptovacích jazyků a operačních systémů Mac a Linux, správu Active DIrectory a schopnost pracovat v týmu.