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Feature Films


Zákon Helena / Helena’s Law

Documentary / 80 min / 2016

Producer: Klára Žaloudková
Production: Background Films
Co-producers: Czech television, FAMU
Director: Petra Nesvačilová
DoP: Klára Belicová
Editor: Josef Krajbich


Young actress and documentary director Petra Nesvacilova, decided in her most recent film to focus on police detective, Helena Kahnova, who, with a colleague, managed to send to prison in the 1990´s several dozen people in the so-called Berdych Gang case – including Berdych himself. In total, the sentences meted out came to hundreds of years – the policewoman, as an extra work bonus, received 10 000 Czech crowns (roughly 300 GBP) and a promotion which was revoked soon afterwards. In completing the film the director managed to establish a working relationship with Berdych himself and former members of his gang. What motivates a woman police officer to stand up to a mafia and what motivates a young documentary film-maker to make contact with this mafia and shoot a film about them?

  • Ji.hlavaInternational Documentary Film Festival

Smrtelné historky / Murderous Tales

Animation / 80 min / 2016

Producer: Ondřej Trojan
Production: Total HelpArt T.H.A.
Co-producers: Czech television, PubRes, RUR, Soundsquare
Director: Jan Bubeníček
DoP: Radek Loukota
Editors: Zdeněk Marek, Jan Bubeníček


A suspicious Mexican cactus inherited from grandpa, a miniature professor who opposes animal slaughter for scientific purposes, a duo of incompetent killers in a jalopy, and an incredibly stupid knight fighting a dragon: heroes big and small in three separate stories, alternating with absurd dragon intermezzos, experience original, darkly playful, cross-genre variations on heroism and death in Jan Bubenicek’s special-effects film. Each uniquely elaborate segment with its intriguing visual style uses a wide range of 2D and 3D animation approaches with traditional puppets, a combination of miniatures with rear-projection, hand-drawn and computer animation, and motion-capture of live actors.

  • FebiofestCzech Track Section

Girl Power

Documentary / 94 min / 2016

Producer: Martin Hůlovec
Production: Punk Film
Co-producers: Sany, Czech television
Director: Sany, Jan Zajíček
DoP: Ondřej Rybár
Editor: Zdeněk Marek


Girl Power is a documentary that presents female graffiti writers from fifteen cities – from Prague to Moscow, Cape Town, Sydney, Biel, Madrid, Berlin, Toulouse, Barcelona and all the way to New York. The graffiti community is predominantly a man’s world, and men often share the view that graffiti – namely the illegal kind – is not for girls. And yet women have become increasingly more emancipated in recent years; there are female graffiti shows, magazines and websites. Girl Power captures the stories of ladies who have succeeded in the male graffiti world.

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Menandros & Thais

Adventure / 129 min / 2016

Producers: Anna Tydlitátová, Ondřej Cikán
Production: Die Gruppe
Co-producers: FAMU, Nutprodukce, MagicLab
Directors: Ondřej Cikán, Antonín Šilar
DoP: Šimon Dvořáček
Editor: Zuzana Walter

VFX / Color Grading / DCP

An experimental, feature-length adventure-movie based on a novel by Ondřej Cikán. A kidnapped bride. A distraught hero. Odysseys through surreal worlds. Menandros and Thaïs are freshly married, but the wedding day ends bloodily. Thaïs is abducted by pirates. Searching for her, the bridegroom becomes a bloodthirsty monster, his horse grows wings, a witch promises him to another woman, King Xerxes unmans him, but everything comes to an happy end. Or does it?

  • FebiofestUpstream Section
  • Finále PlzenRiding the 2016 Wave
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Dvojníci / Dopplegangers

Comedy / 103 min / 2016

Producer: Miloslav Šmídmajer
Production: Bio Illusion
Director: Jiří Chlumský
DoP: Asen Šopov
Editor: Vasilis Skalenakis

Data Managment / VFX / Color Grading / DCP

A new Czech comedy tells a story of two men, who might look alike, but their characteristics and lives are as different as day and night. They have never seen each other and they do not know that the other one exists. But one major coincident brings their fate together.

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Až po uši v mechu / Deep in Moss

Animated Short / 26 min / 2015

Producer: Pavla Janoušková Kubečková
Production: nutprodukce
Directors: Filip Pošivač a Bára Valecká
Animation: Bára Valecká
DoP: Václav Fronk
Editor: Lucie Haladová


A new animated short by creative duo Filip Pošivač a Bára Valecká explores an extraordinary world of Bertík and Josefka.

  • Anifilm 2016Audience Award
  • Chicago Int'l Children's Film FestivalAnimation Maters Section
  • Ottawa Int'l Animation FestivalShort Animation for Children Section
  • Holland Animation Film FestivalCompetition Shorts
  • Monterrey Int'l Film FestivalInternational Short Films
  • ANIMAFEST ZagrebFamily Program Section
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Nebezpečný svět Rajka Dolečka / The Dangerous World of Doctor Doleček

Documentary / 75 min / 2015

Producers: Kristýna Hněvsová, Dagmar Sedláčková, Tomáš Michálek
Production: Masterfilm
Co-producers: Czech television, FAMU, MagicLab
Director: Kristýna Bartošová
DoP: Kristýna Bartošová
Editor: Šimon Hájek

VFX / Color Grading / DCP

Kristýna Bartošová has approached the genre of documentary film portraits as a battlefield. This director, who has Bosnian roots, chose to film the story of the Czech doctor Rajko Doleček, who is a very enthusiastic defender of Ratko Mladić, the Serbian general accused of war crimes in the former Yugoslavia. In this undeniably moving work, shot with a hand-held camera with no attempt to conceal the presence of the film’s creators, the director, at first cautiously, but with increasing intensity, confronts Doleček about his controversial stance. At the same time, she must come to terms with the doctor’s unshakeable opinion.

  • Ji.hlavaInternational DocumentaryFilm Festival
  • DOK LeipzigNext MastersCompetition
  • Finále Plzen 2016Documentary Films Competition
rino maly


Documentary / 95 min / 2015

Producer: Richard Malatinský
Co-producer: Czech television
Director: Jakub Wagner
DoP: Viktor Smutný
Editor: Šimon Hájek

Data Management / Motion Design / DCP

Karel Köcher is supposedly the most important communist agent to infiltrate the CIA. There are few reliable sources as to his activities, and so the filmmakers aim their camera primarily at the main protagonist. The result is an unconventional portrait that tells us more about a man living a double life than about any sensationalized spy activities. The mystery surrounding his actions also envelopes Köcher the individual: it is difficult to figure out what is going through the mind of someone so perfectly in control and capable of beating a lie detector.

  • Ji.hlavaInternational DocumentaryFilm Festival
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Road Movie / 88 min / 2015

Producers: Ondřej Šejnoha, Kristýna Květová
Production: FAMU
Director: Martin Jelínek
DoP: Aleš Lněnička, Filip Rejč
Editor: Jana Nemčeková

VFX / Color Grading / DCP

Film about the current generation of young people, their disorientation, absence of important values, goals, imagination and personal opinion.

  • Tallinn Black NightsFirst Feature Film Competition
  • FebiofestCzech Track Section

Padesátka / Chasing 50

Comedy / 97 min / 2015

Producer: Daniel Strejc
Production: FormatFactory
Co-producers: MagicLab, EuropeEasyEnergy, BEEP
Director: Vojtěch Kotek
DoP: Tomáš Sysel
Editor: Tomáš Klímek

Data Managment / VFX / Color Grading / DCP

Padesátka is a new fresh comedy film based on a theatre play by Petr Kolečko. The film is set in the picturesque area of the Krkonoše mountains.

  • Finále Plzen 2016Feature Live Action Film Competition
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Gangster Ka Afričan

Thriller / Action / 100 min / 2015

Producer: Adam Dvořák
Production: Movie
Co-producer: Czech television
Director: Jan Pachl
DoP: Marek Janda
Editor: Adam Dvořák

Data Managment / VFX / Color Grading / DCP

Gangster KA is a true story based KrimiThriller inspired by the internationally renowned criminal ‪Radovan Krejčíř about one of the largest and most discussed embezzlements in the Czech Republic.

  • Finale Plzen 2016Feature Live Action Film Competition
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gangster ka

Gangster Ka

Thriller / Action / 100 min / 2015

Producer: Adam Dvořák
Production: Movie
Co-producer: Czech television
Director: Jan Pachl
DoP: Marek Janda
Editor: Adam Dvořák

Data Managment / VFX / Color Grading / DCP

Gangster KA is a true story based KrimiThriller inspired by the internationally renowned criminal ‪Radovan Krejčíř about one of the largest and most discussed embezzlements in the Czech Republic.

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Celebrity s.r.o.

Comedy / 103 min / 2015

Producer: Miloslav Šmídmajer
Production: Bio Illusion, Fénix Film
Director: Miloslav Šmídmajer
DoP: Martin Duba
Editor: Jakub Vansa

Data Managment / VFX / Color Grading / DCP

The comedy unfolds in the attractive environs of the neverending filming of a TV serial. The performance opens up with wonderful interplay of relationships, characters, situations, conflicts, big hopes and ambitious plans interwoven with a love motif. At the end of this bizarre story we are surprised by the harmony created from the discord of authentic human emotions.


Vybíjená / Dodgeball

Comedy / 95 min / 2015

Producer: Rudolf Biermann
Production: IN Film
Director: Petr Nikolaev
DoP: David Ployhar
Editor: Michal Hýka

Data Management / VFX / Color Grading / DCP

An adaptation of a best-selling novel by Michal Viewegh is a comedy about friendship, fateful loves, beauty and ugliness, alcohol, and the search for human happiness. The plot revolves around three friends – Jeff, Skippy and Tom – whose ups and downs and relationship breakups keep bringing them back to a shared bachelor apartment.

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Cukr-blog / Sugar Blues

Documentary / 78 min / 2014

Producer: Daniel Tuček
Production: Golden Dawn
Director Andrea Culková
DoP: Martin Štěpánek, Lukáš Milota, Aleš Hart

Motion Design

Sugar Blog is a personal historical-industrial documentary about our addiction to sugar and sweet life. The director, who was diagnosed with pregnancy diabetes, investigates the fatal effect of a century of sugar consumption on the individual and society. She realises how difficult it is to give up this addictive drug and how it is almost impossible to find any food without sugar. She uncovers strong links between mental and behavioural disorders and excessive consumption of sugar and learns about its influence on human thinking and culture in general. And she notes it down in her sugar blog.


Plán / The Plan

Documentary / 90 min / 2014

Production: Negativ, Czech Television
Director: Benjamin Tuček
DoP: David Čálek, Benjamin Tuček, Nikolas Tušl

Motion Design

Prague faces the challenge of a new zoning plan. The city’s development leads to conflicts between the private developer lobby, city residents, and elected officials. By following several years of town council meetings, the film paints an image of a public policy apparatus that ignores the role of the urban planner. Using a journalistic approach, the filmmaker attempts to depict the all points of view, although in the end the dominant perspective is of those who believe in the city as an expression of culture and quality of life.


Všiváci / Lousy Bastards

Drama / Comedy / 98 min / 2014

Producer: Karla Stojáková
Production: Axman production
Director: Roman Kašparovský
DoP: Vladimír Smutný
Editor: Adam Dvořák

Data Management / VFX / Color Grading / DCP

Two brothers got separated after their first love for the same girl. Mikulas Rohan is a neurosurgery expert living in the capital having problems with love affairs and alcohol. His brother Richard Rohan is an ex-soldier from Afghanistan taking care of his two daughters living in a small town. Both of them have something which the other one doesn’t. We follow their separate lives, their everyday mistakes, their memories to slowly reveal the core of their grudge. Inevitable decisions lead to their most important choice in their lives.

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Zakázané uvolnění / The Icing

Comedy / 77 min / 2014

Producers: Daniel Strejc, Vojtěch Frič
Production: Love.FRAME
Director: Jan Hřebejk
DoP: Martin Žiaran
Editor: Vladimír Barák

Data Management / VFX / Color Grading / DCP

Explosive conversational comedy based on the successful theatre play, which takes place one evening in a remote village pub, during an Ice Hockey World Championship match. What all can happen, when the kidnapped bride is getting drunk together with the best woman of the groom and experienced barmaid and the only one, who is able to stop and save everything, is not coming?

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Pojedeme k moři / To See the Sea

Comedy / 90 min / 2014

Producer: Miloslav Šmídmajer
Production: Bio Illusion
Director: Jiří Mádl
DoP: Edita Kainrathová
Editor: Jakub Vansa

Data Management / VFX / Color Grading / DCP

Tomas (12) gets a camera and begins making a film about his family. His enigmatic father works from home. By hiding a camera in his office, Tomas discovers that on Tuesdays and Thursdays his father leaves the house. When confronted with that fact, he denies it. On the pursuit of the great family secret Tomas reveals the hidden side of Haris, his best friend, who starts using a camera as the only way to get his mum and brother away from the hell of his violent father. Courage and profound friendship lead Tomas and Haris to the final revelation and an unpredictable conclusion. The whole film is shot and edited as if by a twelve-year-old boy. This technique allows us to perceive the world through the eyes of a child.

  • Zlín IFFChildren's Jury Main Prize
  • Seoul Int'l Youth FFAudience Award
  • Motovun IFFBuzz&Teen Award
  • Czech Lion Awards2014
  • The Czech Film Critics' AwardDiscovery of the Year
  • Montreal Int'l Children's FFSpecial Jury Award
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Vejška / Uni

Comedy / 85 min / 2014

Producer: Miloslav Šmídmajer
Production: Bio Illusio
Director: Tomáš Vorel sr.
DoP: Tomáš Vorel sr.
Editor: Šimon Hájek

Data Management / VFX / Color Grading / DCP

Prague Cans is a loose sequel to the successful film The Can. Kocourek sends his application to the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague with the goal of studying Graphic Design. He has already been rejected twice because the number of applicants is extremely high and only a handful of the most gifted students are accepted. The beautiful Julie, who also wants to get in the Academy, helps Kocourek in his efforts to get accepted… A lot of complications get in their way, however!

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Velká noc / The Great Night

Documentary / 72 min / 2013

Producers: Pavla Kubečková, Tomáš Hrubý, Tereza Polachová
Production: Nutprodukce, HBO Europe
Director: Petr Hátle
DoP: Prokop Souček
Editor: Šimon Hájek

Color Grading

A documentary study of the modern-day phenomenon of nightlife and sleeplessness. Using authentic portraits of characters living in the dark “half-world” of Prague’s non-stop bars, gambling houses, and night clubs, the film maps the living space and community of people of the “eternal night”.


  • Ji.hlavaBest Film Award

Příběh kmotra / The Story of a God-Father

Crime / Thriler / 90 min / 2013

Producers: David Rauch, Petr Nikolaev
Production: U.F.O. pictures
Director: Petr Nikolaev
DoP: David Ployhar
Editor: Adam Dvořák

Data Management / VFX / Color Grading / DCP

The Godfather’s Story tells about the rise and fall of a person who worked his way up from dealing in digital watches to the position of a grey eminence of Czech politics. Two worlds collide in the film – the belief in the right of the stronger and smarter and the belief in justice. We follow the riveting duel between a representative of law and order and a person who changes the rules to suit himself. Police Inspector Cajthaml has dedicated his life to trailing the Godfather and he never lost his faith in the victory of justice.

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Bella Mia

Drama / 90 min / 2013

Producer: Miloslav Šmídmajer
Production: Bio Illusion
Director: Martin Duba
DoP: Martin Duba
Editor: Vladimír Žán

Data Management / VFX / Color Grading / DCP

Due to suspicion of BSE (mad cow disease), a herd of cows from a small farmstead is sentenced to be killed. The animals revolt and try to escape. People try to hunt them down but the herd, led by Bella, manages to protect itself.  The escalating battle has little in common with the original veterinary prevention. However, there are also people who try to help the cows, who desire nothing more than free life in the great outdoors. They learn all about hunger, cold, deprivation and pain. And the loss of loved ones…


Čtyřlístek ve službách krále / Lucky Four Serving the King

Animation / Family / 90 min / 2013

Producer: Miloslav Šmídmajer
Production: Bio Illusion
Director: Michal Žabka
Editor: Luděk Hudec

Color Grading / DCP

The most famous characters from the Czech comics starring in their first film! King Rudolf and his kingdom are in danger, the philosopher’s stone is in the hands of the treacherous magician Kelly and the demon Zimozel is preparing an icy destruction for the whole world. Fifi, Myšpulín, Bobík and Pinďa face all this and more in this larger-than-life cinematic adventure in which their lives are on the line.

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Comedy / 95 min / 2012

Production: Ankor-film
Director: Kirill Kuzin
DoP: Ulugbeck Khamraev

VFX / Motion Design

Crazy Russian comedy about how two hapless heroes, one of whom wanted to become a pilot, and another actor accidentally get a chance to fulfill two dreams at once on the set of the new film. However, in the first scene they manage to beat the helicopter sponsor that promises them a lot of problems. To indemnify shortstop forced plunge into the grave – to try to rob a tycoon earn kind and even try to steal a helicopter to the U.S. air base.

VFX Breakdown

Cesta do lesa / To the Woods

Comedy / 110 min / 2012

Production: Vorelfilm
Producer: Tomáš Vorel
Director: Tomáš Vorel
DoP: Tomáš Vorel
Editor: Šimon Hájek

Data Management / VFX / Color Grading / DCP

To The Woods is the sequel to Tomas Vorel’s successful film Out of the City, released in 2000. It is a celebration of woods, water and hillsides, and of the animals that still live there. Pays tribute to Czech woodsmen and farmers who bravely face the natural elements and urban encroachment. It is full of flowers, animals and Czech movie stars.

To The Woods takes us straight to the place we originally came from and where we’ll return one day – to the woods.

  • Czech Lion Awards2012
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Láska v hrobě / Love in the Grave

Documentary / 79 min / 2012

Producers: Tezera Krejčí, Krasimira Velitchkova
Production: Yekot Film, Czech Television
Director: David Vondráček
DoP: Jan Kadeřábek
Editor: Krasimira Veličková

Color Grading

A story of a homeless couple. Jana and Jan live together in a desolate cemetery in Prague’s Strasnice district. As the outside world starts to invade their land of freedom, their descent into alcoholism gets even quicker.

  • Czech Lion Awards2013
  • The Czech Film Critics' AwardBest Documentary
  • Finále Plzeň FFBest Documentary
  • Rome IFFBest Documentary

Probudím se včera / Waking Up Yesterday

Comedy / Sci-Fi / 120 min / 2012

Producer: Miloslav Šmídmajer
Production: Bio Illusion
Director: Miloslav Šmídmajer
DoP: Martin Duba
Editor: Petr Kozák, Adam Dvořák

Data Management / VFX / Color Grading

This quirky student comedy tells the story of Petr Kovář, who gets the chance to return to the past for a while and he meets the love of his life, his classmate Eliška, again in June 1989. There is one hook: physically he is seventeen again, but his mind remains that of a modern “forty-something”. He returns to a different reality, forgetting that he will be tested again and how the school system was different back then. Thus the plot throws him several comical and provocative twists and through a surprising romantic entanglement it lets the audience see and recall the absurdity of the pre-revolution era.

  • Czech Lion Awards2014
  • Zlín IFFChildren's Jury Main Prize
  • Motovun IFFBuzz&Teen SectionAudience Award
  • Seoul Int'l Youth Film FestivalKid's Eye SectionAudience Award

Chyťte doktora / Catch the Doctor!

Comedy / Drama / 85 min / 2007

Producer: Daniel Tuček
Production: Golden Dawn
Director: Martin Dolenský
DoP: Antonín Chundela
Editor: Jakub Sýkora


Gynecologist Michael catches infidelity and must deal with a messy, almost classical , marital triangle situation . In this comedy Michael will address the triangle in several different ways. After his attempt to rescue the marriage he always returns back to the moment of his decisions. Three times the audience along with the hero returns to the same place, same day and three times discovers the consequences of his decisions.